We have all been at this Covid thing for a while now! 
What was supposed to be a Shelter in Place for just a few weeks has turned into months. In so many ways we don’t know what is ahead. Our jobs, the economy, our children’s education, our business’s future and more are all in a cloud of uncertainty. Do we start up our startups? Do we make vacation plans? When can we just have a normal gathering and eat hamburgers and ice cream together again rather than those drive-by birthday parades or peering in windows at precious newborn grand babies?
All of this uncertainly has impacted each of us in a diversity of ways; both positive and negative! Like that magic invisible ink that comes alive when it becomes wet, this quarantine is revealing new things about our internal world. For all of us, it is uncovering new areas that the busyness of our pre-Covid everyday lives had previously kept below the surface.
So let’s use this historic moment as a time of pause & growth!
As Townsend Leadership Directors, Lisa Gomez-Osborn and Tina Ratliff are teaming up to offer a free mini-workshop. We will meet for three 90-minute weekly sessions. During this workshop we will look at our Life Capacities and what has been revealed about them during this unusual time in our world.
  • How is the quarantine hitting your inner world of emotions, thoughts and self-care? 
  • What does it look like right now in your relationships, marriage, parenting and dating? 
  • How is it impacting your productivity, finances and career?
A complementary TPRAT assessment will be included in our workshop offering! We will look at your individual results, and decipher together how we can leverage our strengths and positively impact characteristics and behaviors we would like to improve!
Lisa and Tina will help you better understand your Capacities (core structural areas which help us optimize ourselves and connect to a sense of meaning and purpose in life).
Understanding your Capacities will help you
utilize the information from this powerful assessment tool
to craft and execute your unique development plan
to launch into whatever lies ahead!
Join us for our next workshop!
Mondays ~ June 1st, 8th, and 15th from
12pm – 1:30pm Pacific Time

Join your selective leadership group!

What you get:

  • Monthly full-day training sessions with a cohort of your peers
  • Twelve personal coaching sessions with Tina
  • Increased ability to define and achieve your life and business objectives
  • Your own board of directors to help with decisions and vision
  • A greater sense of purpose, competence, and happiness in all areas of life