Join Coaches Tina Ratliff & Lisa Gomez-Osborn! Our 10 month online group coaching experience will help you define and meet your personal, professional and relational goals! Throughout the year together we will unravel our narratives, connect the dots, and develop our unique foundation of strengths and personal authority. Using a variety of assessments, such as Strength Finders and Enneagram, will help us identify and connect more deeply to our strengths, understand our vulnerabilities, grow in self-awareness (emotional intelligence), and therefore meet our desired goals.

All of this is done in context of a ‘life team’. Research shows that as we grow in self-awareness (emotional intelligence) we have access to greater skill sets and personal growth discoveries that help define us and our path in life, relationships and careers. However, self-awareness is most powerful in the presence of others. As working with a coach helps you grow individually, when that coaching experience becomes part of a group dynamic the results are magnetized and accelerated. Group coaching is a tremendously powerful medium of change.

Each session is a 10 month commitment meeting once a month over Zoom for 2 hours of coaching, development and gaining new insights and perspective shifts. You will also receive a monthly individual coaching session with Tina or Lisa to help you process through the group work and to help you strategize on your growth goals.

This is for any who desire to have better results in their life: Better relationships. Better leadership skills. Better interpersonal skills. Better use of their strengths and talents. Better sense of purpose and passion. Better attainment of goals.

Join us online for a year of connection and accelerated growth! Contact me for more information!

Join your selective leadership group!

What you get:

  • Monthly full-day training sessions with a cohort of your peers
  • Twelve personal coaching sessions with Tina
  • Increased ability to define and achieve your life and business objectives
  • Your own board of directors to help with decisions and vision
  • A greater sense of purpose, competence, and happiness in all areas of life