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 coach and consultant


Townsend Leadership Director

Townsend Leadership Program is an intensive one day a month life and leadership team that will accelerate growth professionally and personally…

Life Coach

Increase your happiness by living out your life’s purpose! Let’s connect the dots from where you have been to where you want to be, and start making real progress toward your personal and professional goals today….

Goal Setting

 Coaching is a growth centered relationship where we have an agenda, clear expectations, and concrete goals we are shooting for. Coaching is a support structure for change.


In working with me, you will gain the necessary tools to access deeper connections, live in their ‘flowʼ, and improve their personal, professional and relational lives.


 Regularly scheduled sessions prompts my clients to make more progress on their goals. Take bigger actions, set bigger goals and think bigger when working with me as your Coach.


Most people find that things start to happen very quickly after hiring a life coach.

I believe in the lifelong journey of becoming our best, amazing, unique and empowered selves!  ~Tina Ratliff

Coaching Packages

Complimentary Assessment & 30 minute Session Package

Complementary TPRAT relational assessment by Dr. John Townsend!  We will go over the results together in an introductory 30 minute session. Phone or in person.


6 Session Coaching Package

6 50-60 minute sessions held twice monthly for 3 months.

Phone or in person.


12 Session Coaching Package

12 50-60 minute sessions held twice monthly for 6 months.

Phone or in person.


TPRAT Assessment

Sign up and I'll provide a coupon code that will allow you to take this assessment at no cost to you (a $25 fee normally applies).


Tina has led our group with dedication, providing insightful, knowledgeable guidance. Her inherent qualities of compassion and commitment to personal growth and goal realization continue to offer positive results! – Kris Hanna, Stylist

Working with Tina is a treat. She asks insightful questions and provides actionable feedback! Whether you’re looking to grow personally or professionally (or both!), Tina is a wonderful resource to help you define and take on your goals. – Amy Buller, graphic design and photography

I’ve had the privilege of working with Tina over the years and let me tell you, the growth that has happened has been remarkable. I moved from being stuck and feeling hopeless to achieving dreams and goals! Tina is a wealth of knowledge. She listens and connects like no other. Tina always has the words to understand and encourage through life’s ups and downs. The real question here is can you afford not to be in this incredible group with Tina as the Townsend Leadership director? – Scott Sherman, Canadian Mounty

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