Complimentary TPRAT Assessment....

The TPRAT addresses your personal and relational abilities, which connect strongly to your personal and professional lives.

Hey guys!

We all love growing! We love assessments! Especially assessments that point out our strengths as well as areas where there is room for more of what we want in life.

I want happiness to be part of my every day! I want to be living my best life, and I know you do, too! You want to live a life that is meaningful, impactful, beautiful, creative and connected. The list goes on…., right?!

Well, Dr. John Townsend has developed a unique assessment. It is all about the four particular areas that determine our capacity to live our best lives, the life I KNOW is there for you and me to live.

Give this assessment a whirl. It’s only 60 questions, and takes just a few minutes! Here is the link to the TPRAT assessment! Dr. John Townsend himself has given me the ability to offer it complementary for a limited time! Enter “ratliff” to waive the $25 fee!

You will be given an extensive report with tangible actions for increased life-awesomeness capacity based on the latest performance research, neuroscience and psychology. The results are private. They go only to you. So, after you receive the results, shoot me a copy. Then we will meet to go over them together during a complementary consultation ($125 value)! Contact me via email with a time that works for you, or set up an appointment here.


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