Coaching with Tina Ratliff


Goal Setting

 Coaching is a growth centered relationship where we have an agenda, clear expectations, and concrete goals we are shooting for. Coaching is a support structure for change.


In working with me, you will gain the necessary tools to access deeper connections, live in their ‘flowʼ, and improve their personal, professional and relational lives.


 Regularly scheduled sessions prompts my clients to make more progress on their goals. Take bigger actions, set bigger goals and think bigger when working with me as your Coach.


Most people find that things start to happen very quickly after hiring a life coach.

What Is Life Coaching?

Group Coaching

As a member of The Townsend Leadership Program, you will experience significant performance results in all aspects of life. The program will demonstrate the principle that your career and life can be integrated seamlessly and productively. With this holistic approach, teams of a maximum of 10 members from a wide variety of sectors meet one full day per month for an entire year, seeking to attain goals that affect personal lives as well as business lives.

Private Coaching

Coaching is the support system that makes the difference, infusing confidence and energy into every area of life. I work with individuals who are looking for a support system for change, breakthroughs in productivity without overload, improved conflict resolution and heightened communication skills.

 My coaching services are client-driven and follow a personalized process that guides you to clarify your strengths and to identify the most important growth opportunities to take you to your next level of personal and professional development. As a coach, I will hold you accountable. Together we will develop a workable action plan with measurable results, and then I will follow through with course corrections along the way.


Remote or In Person!

I work with clients in person (with a cup of coffee), or around the world (using Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom).

How It Works

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Choose a Coaching Plan That Fits Your Need

Reach Your Goals

Complementary Assessment & 30 minute Session Package

Complementary TPRAT relational assessment by Dr. John Townsend!  We will go over the results together in an introductory 30 minute session. Phone or in person.


6 Session Coaching Package

6 50-60 minute sessions held twice monthly for 3 months.

Phone or in person


12 Session Coaching Package

12 50-60 minute sessions held twice monthly for 6 months.

Phone or in person


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