Do you have a sacred space to focus on your personal and professional growth?

Pieces of your story that contain relational traumas limit your capacity to live life to the fullest. I truly believe you were designed for just that.

Group is a place where each person comes with their own unique goals. Through the connection of the other members, utilizing the research-proven growth mindset tools, and processing relational traumas that are getting in the way, you will move toward reaching your personal and professional goals. Group is a place for intentional self-care, healing and growth.

Join YOUR team of safe people for one entire day a month in my home. The day is rich. The connections are deep. Take one day a month to restore your soul so you can get back out there and do the things you do….and thrive.

Sometimes we sit outside while we share and learn. Sometimes we are around my table. Part of our day often includes walking along the beach reflecting on the growth points for the day. We start the morning with lattes, homemade coffee cake and fruit. A yummy lunch is served, and we often venture out for appetizers and drinks at a local restaurant afterwards. I believe good food and a cozy home and nature facilitate meaningful connection and growth.

In each session, I coach based on the Growth Model, neuroscience and attachment theory, along with various experientials, role plays and narrative story work in order to integrate deep and lasting change.

It’s not just about knowing all the things. It’s also about relational connections while processing through our stories, using our whole bodies so we can heal our brains of the relational traumas that impact us today. This is right brain and left brain, integrated growth goodness.

Group incorporates thought, emotion, action and interaction with others. It is a wholistic and effective form of healing and learning and getting recharged so we can perform personally and professionally at our fullest potential.

Connect with me if Group sounds intriguing! We will set up a time to drink lattes, sit by the beach and talk. Let’s discover if this could be the sacred space you need for growing and recharging beautiful you.