Do you want a sacred space to focus on your personal and professional growth?
GROUP is just that!
  • GROUP is your ‘life team’ of 6-8 people to encourage and support you as you meet your goals.
  • Each member comes to GROUP¬†with unique goals specific to their life.
  • Monthly full-day sessions take place in my home. Homemade organic gluten-free food provided.
  • Training topics that will develop growth areas & identify obstacles.
  • This is a sacred space that allows you to process relational traumas through story work and role-play.
  • You will receive monthly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Tina to deepen growth points that come up during GROUP.
  • Personalized homework and accountability will move you towards meeting your goals.
  • You will gain the necessary tools to access a deeper connection to yourself and other
  • You will increase your sense of purpose.
  • You will experience greater competence, and happiness in all areas of life


Let’s discover if this could be the sacred space needed for growing and recharging beautiful YOU.