Due to increased interest, I will be leading an additional group this year.  Each of my two groups begin in November. They meet either one Friday or one Saturday per month for a year.

Each has room for only a few more.

These are the only groups I will lead until the Fall of 2023. So contact me soon to snatch up your spot before they are gone!


Townsend Leadership Program is a way to invest in YOUR growth one day a month over the course of a year with a group of 5-8 other people who will support and challenge you along the way.

While one-to-one coaching is highly effective, group coaching can bring exponential growth for people who wish to transform their lives! In the context of this supportive group and expert coaching, you will define and meet goals that are unique to your own story. TLP provides the structure and relational nutrients to develop YOU as you create a successful, meaningful and connected life.


Group sessions are 8:30am – 5:00pm one day per month in my Santa Cruz beach house. Coffee & a light breakfast & lunch are provided. The day often begins or ends with reflective strolls along the beach.

There is a Friday group and a Saturday group.

CHECK-IN – Since TLP is an actionable program designed to get measurable results, each monthly meeting begins with a homework roundtable. Each member shares their progress toward goals for the purposes of accountability and support.

TRAINING – Each monthly meeting includes a didactic training, followed by group discussion. Topics are relevant to both professional and personal leadership:

  • Giving and Recieving Relational Nutrients
  • Creating Healthy Culture at Work and at Home
  • How to Confront Well
  • Dealing with Negative Realities Effectively
  • Emotional Intelligence at Home and in the Workplace
  • Creating a Healthy Emotional Landscape
  • Using Strengths to Tackle Challenges
  • Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles
  • Rewriting Our Narratives
  • Healing from Narcissistic Encounters
  • Living in Your Purpose

PROCESS GROUP – These sessions offer a safe and confidential space in which TLP members can be honest about their challenges—and receive feedback, clarity, and solutions.

WORKGROUP – Twice each year, members present to their cohort a key issue they’re facing in their business or personal life. Members ask clarifying questions and offer recommendations for increased levels of professional or personal functioning and problem solving.

STORY-WORK – You will reshape your narratives with the support of people who know your inner landscape and challenges.

HOMEWORK – With the help of the TLP Director and other group members, participants design homework assignments based on their specific goals and the month’s teaching. Accountability partners ensure the growth and development process continues.

COACHING – Each member receives monthly 1-on-1 coaching session with Tina to deepen growth points that come up during group sessions.

Let’s take a year to invest in your personal, professional and relational growth!

Join me now while you still can! Call to set up a time to apply today!