“Make time for fitness or Make time for illness”
Today this quote caught my eye!
The quote accompanied a photo of a strong man holding himself up in the plank position with his face staring directly forward into the camera. Strength and determination and confidence resonate from within, clearly advertising his personal training program.
I am not presently looking for a personal trainer, but this advertisement caught my eye! I found the words really made me think! “Make time for fitness, or make time for illness”, is a statement of simple, yet powerful truth. A truth we can look at together for a bit!
It is true. If we don’t take care of our bodies, it impacts so many parts of our lives, and ultimately takes our ‘time’ in indirect and direct ways. But I think there is more. It is a truth that goes beyond the physical body alone! It also is a reality in our personal and professional lives. It has certainly been a reality in mine!
“Make time for growth, or make time for …..???”
When we are not experiencing intentional growth, we are missing out on the intended goodness and fullness of life. We are slowly dying…in our marriages, our relationships, our work, our creativity and our joy. For when things are not growing, when new life and nutrients are not being fed into each area, then they are dying. To put it in frankly, when WE are not growing, then WE are actively dying.
Looking into the natural world around us we can see this truth illustrated. One example is water.
Oceans and rivers and streams all have fresh waters flowing into them, and therefore all are filled with life and the kind of beauty that not only replenishes us, but also inspires us when we behold its beauty. But, bodies of water that lack fresh waters flowing into them are stagnant. Stagnant water is dead. There is no beauty or life. It is even quite smelly and living creatures cannot drink of it to sustain their own precious life. There is no life to sustain life within stagnant waters.
My point is that all living things need life continually flowing in to sustain it’s own life.
So, where are WE stagnant? Where are we missing out on all the beauty, relationships and good things that come with growth?
Another example from the natural world is that the only cells in our body that grow and don’t bring life are cancer cells. Are we growing the right things? Where are we growing the wrong things? Things like isolation, bitterness, negativity, hopelessness, depression, anxiety….
You are reading this email, so I know you are a fellow grower! You have vision for great things ahead! You want to be your best self and make a difference in your corner of the world! You are pursuing life-giving things.
So, let’s make time for fitness today!
Let’s find how we have been making time for illness, too, by looking at where we might have grown stagnant, or where we might be  growing things that don’t bring life, holding us back from our potential!
Let’s look at them together! We are not in this alone!
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I look forward to hearing from you!
Here’s to always growing,