In order to get where we want to go in life, there are two key things we need to know, and most of us are stronger at one. The two key things we need to know are our Purpose and our Plan.

Purpose shows us where we are going.
Plan shows us to how to get there.

Lack of clarity about either our plan or our purpose is an obstacle to thriving. 

When we are stronger in our plan-making skills, but lack the clarity of our purpose, we can be overwhelmed at doing too many things, be discouraged by not doing the right thing, or lack the sense of meaningfulness and life that ought to come from our work. We are more excited and energized by our accomplishments when they are in line with our unique purpose. 

Ultimately, the best laid plans
without the focus of our unique purpose,
is not as fulfilling and leads to burnout.

When we are strong in knowing our purpose, but lack the planning part of the equation, it slows us down. It keeps us from taking our purpose into the world in a way that is effective. We know why we are here on the planet. We know when we are living in our strengths and doing what excites us, but we don’t have the structure of a plan to make it happen.

If we don’t have the structure of a plan,
the gift of ourselves is hidden from the world,
and we become stuck and discouraged.

So, when your purpose is defined and strong, but your plan is lacking, build up the plan-side of the equation. And when your plan is clear, but your purpose is foggy, strengthen the purpose-side of the equation. Bringing in a coach or other expert can help guide you in clarifying your purpose and defining a plan. 

As you think of this today, which is stronger for you? Are you stronger at plan-making? Or are you stronger at knowing your purpose? And what are you going to do to develop the piece that needs strengthening?

You matter! Take your next step toward living in your purpose and making a plan that fits it!