these two.
i have known them forever.
we are growing old together.

they know me.
they know the parts of my story that are beautiful.
they know the parts of my story that are not.
when my story is beautiful, we dream and laugh and eat good food together.
when my story is filled with pain, they are Comfort.
their words are warm and few.
they sit with me and listen.
they cry.
they tell me they love the hell out of me.
they hold me tight and don’t let go.
they pull me onto the dance floor when my heart is smashed.
they say it will be ok.
they say they will be with me through the hard.
and i know it it is true.
they will be there every step.
they hold onto hope for me when i have lost hold of it for myself.
when the waters are deep,
their warmth and words echo and soothe my heart.

to be known and loved is a precious gift.

although these two were always there,
i didn’t always know it.
i missed out on much because of things that were broken in me.
i couldn’t partake.
i just felt lonely and confused and in a fog.

and this is why i coach.
so that you can be known and loved deeply
by your beautiful friends
in your corner of this beautiful and painful world.