April’s Group Coaching session was focused on the importance of creating Structure. Today I will share a bit of how structure is key to growth in any area.

Before each member joins one of my Coaching Groups, I work with them as they create their stretch goals. A stretch goal is an ambitious target that requires a good amount of growth, learning and effort beyond their current capabilities to get there. Each person begins the year with three stretch goals. One personal, one relational and one professional/purpose goal.

We meet as a group monthly to report on the status of how each goal is progressing, encourage one another in our successes and failures, and learn new skills that will be impactful. Mid-way through the year we take a deeper look at the progress that was made so far.

Sometimes the dynamics of life have shifted, demanding modified goals. Sometimes, we have become more aligned with where we want to focus our attention, so we make adjustments toward the fine-tuned ideal goal. Sometimes we discover inner obstacles and decide to set the goal aside for a bit while we work on the deeper issue at hand. Or maybe the goal is met and it’s time for a completely new stretch goal!

It is key to take time to evaluate where we are in connection to where we want to be.

Then, after deciding if our stretch goals are defined and stretchy enough, each member of the team checks in to see if their tactics are getting them closer to their desired target. Here is where structure is essential. We do this process together as a team, offering accountability, insight and ideas as each person looks over their goals and the needed steps to get there.

For each goal, they create 2-4 actionable objectives. It is these objectives that they then design into the structure of their days & weeks.

For example, if a goal is to build better self care into their life,  their objectives would be:

  1. Go for a walk 5 times a week.
  2. Journal 20 minutes each morning.
  3. Take themselves on a date twice a month.

If their goal was to increase Emotional Intelligence, objectives could be:

  1. Keep a daily journal of at least 3 feelings experienced during the day.
  2. Intentionally practice active listening skills at least one time a day at home and at work.
  3. Set aside time daily to reflect on emotional state and identify triggers or patterns in behavior.

This is our mid-way through the year process. Members of the group find it quite helpful in moving the needle closer to their goal.

What are your goals? Are they aligned in a way that makes sense? Is it really where you want to put your energy and focus?

Whatever the goal…however grand or simple…putting structure into your daily life will eventually get you there. And you may be surprised at how just a little bit of added structure combined with the encouragement of your people, will get you there.

You know me by now. So you know I believe the fuel for anything in life….is connection. Even in meeting goals.
We especially need each other to meet our goals!

Be bold.
Live outrageously.
Set stretchy stretch goals.
Then apply some structure mixed with good old fashioned connection to your people, and you will soar!

And if you need a team to walk alongside you for support, insight and perspective, email me to put you on the waiting list for my next coaching group!

What are your current stretch goals?

What are the objectives that will get you there?

And how will you structured those objectives into your daily & weekly schedule?

I’d love to hear your thoughts & challenges on this!