There is a shift in the world as we knew it! And I’m super excited about it!

What is this shift I am excited about??? There is a new kind of leading and learning! And it’s much more about empowering and being empowered than imparting nuggets of wisdom to the needy.
This new way of leading does not put people in a one-down position. It does not offer a diagnosis or solution or great plan that you would never think of for yourself! In our workplaces, or personal lives and in our skill development there is a new way to lead AND a new way to learn.
What is the new way? I know you want to know, because you are not only a leader, but you are also committed to being a life-long learner and person of growth!
This new way of leading is about empowering. The new way of learning is about being empowered. But the thing is, it’s not that you need THEM to do it for you. THEY are not the ones to tell you ‘all the things’ because they know ‘all the things’. They are the ones to guide and encourage and help YOU discover what fits you and your situation the best.
A coach is essentially a person trained to help people improve their lives in ways specific to them. A coach knows how to help you improve your business, become a better leader, or meet personal goals.
Are you in a job position where you have people you are leading? Are you training new employees? Are you leading a team? Are you parenting? Then think of yourself as a coach by leveraging the coachee’s own discernment to identify and solve their own problems. Empower THEM.
Are you also in a position to grow personally? Do you want to grow in your communication skills and learn something new like pottery or investing or boxing. Think of finding a coach that is right for you. BE empowered.
Coaches are not the experts on your particular subject matter such as a mentor or consultant might be. Coaches are more of a change expert, bringing to the table an understanding of how change happens. Coaches listen and ask powerful questions, keeping the coachee responsible by providing accountability and insight. The coachee (You) provide your desired change agenda and goals. The coachee (you again) are in fact the real expert here. You have been living with yourself all your days! You have passions and talents unique to YOU. With a coach, YOU remain the expert. You remain in charge. It is through the relationship with the coach that obstacles are uncovered and you become more and more empowered to do YOU.  You are in charge of you, your life and your professional and personal success.
So who needs a coach?
I do.
I need coach to put a fresh set of eyes and ears on my life. Sometimes I just need someone to tell me my zipper is down, or there is food in my teeth, or worse, there’s toilet paper stuck to my shoe, leading all the way back to the bathroom (I did see this happen once) …but in the more serious parts of my life. My career, relationships, finances, etc.
I need a change expert who can bring light to areas I can improve, be there with a high-five when there is indeed progress, then move on to the next leg of the growth-journey with me.
I need a coach to help ME develop myself as a leader, so I can become more effective with a greater ROI (return of investment) in my own sphere of leadership.
Do you know without a shadow of doubt that there is something uniquely amazing about YOU that you are ready to develop? Areas of your life where you want to move from good to great? Or areas that are already great, that you want to make even greater? Your talents? Your leadership? Your relationships? Your emotional intelligence? Your communication skills?
Or are you a leader wanting to see all these things developed on your teams? Are you the person given the task of overseeing and directing such goodness? Maybe that is your area to develop within yourself!  The ability to lead and develop others in a style that empowers them! Is it time to move your leadership from good to great?

Or are you simply stuck? Do you have a hard time getting out of bed? Do you lack the motivation and yet you know deep down that there HAS to be more to life than this?

I have spent the last few years doing this myself. Bringing the coaching I needed into my strategy of growth has made a powerful difference. I have and continue to benefit from having this kind of structured relationship which intentionally focuses on my growth and success. Some things went from good to great. Some from great to greater. I even took a few things from absolutely crappy to pretty darn great, too! (The figurative trail of toilet paper stuck to my shoe is now gone!)
You are here! You are with me in this! So I know you want this growth-goodness, too! You KNOW there are things you want to develop. You know you are on this Planet for a purpose!
I believe in the power of a coach for positive change. And I believe in YOU to know yourself like no other, and make that positive bad-ass change with a coach to challenge and inspire and give you high-fives!
(If you would like to learn more about the individual coaching that I offer, or if you would like to be part of an intensive, 1-day-a-month life and leadership team that meets for a year in order to accelerate growth professionally and personally, contact me!)

So go for it! Think big and take the leap toward empowering and being empowered!

And if you have a few minutes, will you let me know what you have experienced as the greatest fuel to your personal or professional life? I would love to hear from you!

Here’s to forever growing!