Hi, friends!

When we feel stuck, it often is connected to our unfinished business.

We’ve heard it said that we marry our unfinished business. We do this in our relationships and jobs as well. We are drawn to certain kinds of scenarios that feel like home. Our childhood left us with things we haven’t worked out yet, so we go toward similar situations & people in an unconscious attempt to rework it. We go toward the familiar.

So it is here that we want to know what the unfinished business is so that we can rework it and be free from it rather than being tethered to it in our current relationships and professional lives. This unfinished business has to do with four key areas. It is in understanding these four areas, and how they impact us that we can then grow. 

Individual coaching is a great place to look at our unfinished business, and work through it. This one-on-one process is truly life-giving. 

Another way, is to participate in a group coaching experience. This is where you commit to at least a year with a coach and a cohort of safe people. Each of the members come with their own goals. You will come with goals specific to you and the four key areas that correspond to where you are at. Your coach will help you define your goals prior to beginning group coaching. 

It is through the process of being in a coaching group together, with vulnerability, structure, and the guidance of your trained coach, that your unfinished business is discovered and pushed through so you can thrive in all areas of your life. 

Group and individual coaching is a powerful method for ‘getting unstuck’ from our unfinished business.

You will no longer need to return to the unhealthy scenarios because it will no longer feel like ‘home’.

What are the four key areas that makeup our unfinished business?
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