Do you sometimes notice that your experience of yourself and how others experience you are not the same?

After spending time with a friend or in a meeting, stop and think about how you experienced it. How did you experience yourself in that moment? How did you think? How did you feel? What was it like internally to be you?

Then talk with the person that was with you. And ask what their experience of you was during your shared time together? What was it like to be on the other side of you?

During your everyday connection points with people,
how are others experiencing you,
and how you YOU experiencing you?
Notice how those things might be different.
Notice how they are the same.

Sometimes we feel like we look stupid…and we are not seen as that at all, but are experienced as someone with insightful or thoughtful things to contribute to the conversation. Sometimes we feel we were peaceful during a tough conversation at work or at home, and yet others are experiencing us as intense or angry. I have had people tell me I seemed calm as a young mom with lot’s of littles, when internally, I felt anxious or fearful. I loved being with my kids, but there was something additional going on internally.

Can you think of similar times in the context of your own life? Do you sometimes find that your experience of how you feel in the moment is quite different than how others around you experience you? How we experience ourselves in the presence of others, and how others experience us, is about our emotional intelligence. Our EQ.

Do you want to develop your EQ? Do you wonder why your internal experience is sometimes different than how others experience you? Although this is solitary work, work that belongs to ourselves, we cannot do this work alone. We need the input of others to develop our EQ. This is a great thing to develop with a guide such as a coach! 

For awareness and connection is how we grow!