Hey, Friends!

Where is your emotional intelligence?

Is your emotional intelligence on the experience side of your brain?

Or is it on the bookish side of the brain?

Did you know that we can know all the things there are to know about emotional intelligence….and still not have it? We can read all the books. We can listen to all the podcasts. We can be totally bookish and smart about it. We can examine it. Define it. Name all the parts of it.

But it is not until we are in the correct environment to learn it that it can actually become a part of us.

We cannot attain emotional intelligence with the bookish side of our brains.
We can only learn it through experience.

That experience only comes within the context of relationship.

It is likely that if we need more emotional intelligence….we need more safe relationships in which to gain that experience.

That’s right…

We need emotionally intelligent friends to grow in our own emotional intelligence!

That is one of the benefits of joining Townsend Leadership Program! It is a cohort of folks growing in the experience of emotional intelligence as well!

Do you struggle connecting with the deeper parts of people you love dearly? Are you uncomfortable with others when they have big feelings? Do their feelings overwhelm you? You want to be there for them, but just don’t know how?

Or are you lacking in the feeling that others truly get you? When you are deeply grieved or angry do you have the friendships that fuel your soul?

Whether we want to grow in the ability to connect with others, or desire to be understood by others in a meaningful way, TLP will do just that! It will give you the tools and the connections you need to fuel your emotional intelligence!

To learn more about where you are relationally, contact me!