Do you have your own Life Purpose Statement? A Life Purpose Statement is one or two sentences that reflect who you are, why you are here, and is a guidepost to the daily choices you make in living your life.

Our Life Purpose is the drive behind what we do and accomplish. It is about the beauty, talent, strengths and special personal qualities that only we contribute to the world. It is the wake we leave behind us wherever we go. It is who we are at our core.

Our Life Purpose is the inner landscape that directs, guides and motivates us. It flows out of the story that is uniquely our own. It reflects what we value, where we have been and what we naturally do best. Life Purpose is not about vocation although our vocation can be the outcome of our purpose. It is the organic, without-really-even-thinking-about-it, natural way we live this life. It is YOU expressing your unique, authentic, fullest self.

When we are aware of our purpose, we have meaning in everything we do.

We contribute and make the world a better place in a way that only we can do. When we are not aware of our purpose we live a life that feels chaotic, stressful, flat or mundane. We are rudderless, and go with the latest popular ways of being. We do not feel connected or fulfilled when we are not living a life guided by our Life Purpose. We are not at our fullest potential when we navigate life unaware. We are a bit like a beautiful boat without wind in its sails.

Our Life Purpose Statement is indeed a lifelong, developing, growing journey of discovery. I like to reexamine mine yearly. What has changed? How do I know myself better now? What do those who know me best say they see in me? What exhausts me and what energizes me? How does my story shape how I move in the world? Seasons and life-stages require tweaking of my Life Purpose Statement as well. I embrace the things that are and let go of the things that are not. Every year, it becomes a bit more clear to me as my story unwinds and I become more authentically me.

If your Life Purpose Statement is something you would like to develop, contact me about my Life Purpose coaching package, or about joining one of my Growth Groups. Knowing your Life Purpose is your key to living a fulfilling and happy life….as well as the key to making your corner of the world a bit more beautiful.